LMS Odin

LMS Ódin

Odin learning management system (LMS) facilitates the creation and management of all educational processes, from creating online classes, courses, student assessment to increasing the level of collaboration or tracking student achievement

The value of an LMS system for a modern university

Millions of students around the world are unable to start undergraduate and graduate programs because of the coronavirus pandemic

The entire education industry is adopting online platforms to be more resilient to potential crises

Online learning allows you to learn 25-60% more material compared to 8-10% with classroom instruction

49% of students have taken at least 1 online course in the past few years

90% of students prefer online learning

E-learning requires 40-60% less time than classroom instruction

Student is the core of Odin system

Student rating, experience exchange and motivation system

Choice of educational program and university

Student rating, experience exchange and motivation system

Access to updated educational materials

Individual development track

Achievement profile

Employers, internships and job offers

Professor selection

Study abroad and
on double degree programs online

Skill map

Access to the courses of other universities

Comprehensive and transparent student rating

The position of each student in the rating is based on a variety of criteria, including:

Class attendance

Academic assessments and achievements

Scientific discoveries and patents

Startup launch

Community service

Participation in competitions, creative and research contests

Sports achievements

Completed internships and work experience

Participation in case-based competitions

Game Designer graduate skill map

Each educational track implies a number of competencies that a student must master to be a desired job applicant

This approach allows students to track and effectively manage the progress of skill formation, and employers to get a clear picture of student readiness to meet current challenges

C++ programming skills
Basics of cybersecurity­ using Micro Focus
Programming skills­ in Swift
Web services development
Working with the Unity game engine
Working on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine
Professor assessment
Classmates evaluation
Third party evaluation

Educational programs
and materials exchange

  • Educational program
  • Discipline
  • Series of online lessons
  • Presentation
  • Lecture notes
  • Series of seminars

Professor rating

Allows students to choose courses and professors based on the professor rating, which is based on:

  • Professor experience
  • Student reviews
  • Student involvement in the educational process
  • Scientific research and publications
  • Participation in projects
  • Number of competition winners among students

Professor rating

Allows students to choose courses and professors based on the professor rating, which is based on:

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